Uncommon Nonsense.

((Deep Sigh)).. Once I was a real turtle.

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♥Taurus Sun. Virgo Moon.
♥my furry family & beardo♥
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♥All The Little Foxes♥
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Pretty Little Wishes
Pig And Pepper
The Garden Of Live Flowers


Very rare - black orchid or Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight.

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Driving long distances makes me so unhappy. I’m so nauseated:(

I saw a scary Easter bunny roaming these parts. It might have thrown candy at us o.O


I would like to present you one of the most amazing sketches of Papa Emeritus II.

© Epyon5 // USA  

~Sacrilegious Art // NamelessWorshippers ~

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Caturday morning.

Walks with the little gentleman❣

So much deliciousness here❣

He loves smoothies! Haha


Appreciating how long my hair is (longest it’s been in 12 years!!!)
And waiting for my new glasses to arrive since my vision always gets worse every time i get my eyes checked ugh

taishavonkreep said: Omg ppl r rude. My neighbours bang around and slam doors it’s fucking awful!

It’s ok. at around 2am someone called in a noise complaint and the cops came and shut them jerks down:3